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May 24, 2015


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Volume 16 Number 21


Weekly Bible Commentary

Studies.gif (2544 bytes)Written each week by our publisher and editor, John W. (Jack) Carter, these are original expository commentaries that may be used for individual study or small-group discussion.  You may receive these commentaries in your Email free by clicking on the "Subscribe" button.  Visit the Archives.

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A Culture in Denial

Theological Research

Peer-reviewed research articles that explore many of the doctrines and issues concerning Biblical theology.  You may contact the author by clicking on the author's name.  Visit the Archives.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Due to a recent computer crash, we have lost our Author Email address list and a few of the unpublished papers.  If you are an author and awaiting publication of a submitted manuscript please contact us.  Thank you.


16(20) A Case Study on Spiritual Facilitation within a Catholic Aged Care Organisation In Southern Australia.  R. Porter


16(18) The Relevance of Pauline Theology of Charismata and Sumpheron in 1 Corinthians 12:1-7 to Christian Ecumenism in Nigeria.  G. Adeboye


16(16) The Son of Man in 1 Enoch and its Implications for the Christology of the Synoptic Gospels.  K. Quinn


16(14) The Gagging of the Church: Evangelism Without the Evangel.  W. Wade

Book of the Month

The Holy One of Israel by John N. Oswalt. ISBN: 9780227902936
A selection of writings by an eminent evangelical scholar of the Old Testament, elaborating on the themes and messages present in the Book of Isaiah.


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