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Feb 9, 2020

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Volume 21
Number 6

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Weekly Bible Study

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Judges 4:1-5:3
Accepting God-Led Leadership

Theological Research

Peer-reviewed research articles that explore many of the doctrines and issues concerning biblical theology.  New papers are published weekly.  You may contact the author by clicking on the author's name.  Visit the Archives.



The Supremacy of Ba'al over Mot in Ugaratic Cycle of Cosmogonic Myths and its Influence on the Old Testament.   S. Oladejo-Babalola



Two Sons and Three Traditions   K. Barker



Pentateuchal Authorship:  A Critical Analysis of Existing Imaginations.   P. Ibrahim



Why the Millennium?   P. Nelson



Tracing 'Land' Through Scripture to Christ   T. Costa


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 Book of the Month, February, 2020.

Leading Strategic Community Change.  Dr. Jimmy Arthur Atkins.   114 Pages.  ISBN: 978-1070140728.

Leading Strategic Community Change explores the dynamics of leadership and strategic community change for churches and faith-based organizations. In doing so, it incorporates principles and practices from the fields of strategic planning, leadership, and organizational development. At the end of chapters there are exercises designed to reinforce the concepts discussed in the chapter. The appendices also include activities for churches and faith-based organizations to use with their congregations, boards, and executive ministry teams to develop a more effective plan for engaging the community in social and economic change. This book is based on the fundamental belief that churches and faith-based organizations are often closest to the needs of the poor and disenfranchised, but often lack the capital, human and financial, to implement community-based initiatives that lead to lasting change. However, if given the knowledge and expertise, churches and faith-based organizations can transform their surrounding communities and restore a sense of hope and renewal.  Paperback: $9.99 from Amazon.com  Kindle: $5.79 from Amazon.com. Free Preview.


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