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A refereed, weekly, open-access journal, now in its twentieth year.

Author's Instructions for Submission of Journal Articles and Book Manuscripts.


The purpose of the Journal of Biblical Theology is to provide an outlet for theologians and theology students in the field of Biblical Theology to share their research in a peer-reviewed weekly journal environment.  Consequently, papers are invited to be submitted by graduate students and those who have completed graduate degrees in any field of Christian theology and/or biblical studies.

Copyright Ownership

The copyright of all published articles is retained by the author under Title 17 US Code 506.  The AJBT retains a "fair use" agreement to edit, format to the journal specifications and reproduce the author's work in this journal and any other media that the Journal may publish in the future.  The author is also free to republish the original manuscript in other journals simultaneous with the AJBT.

Subject Restriction

Though scholarly publications should make liberal use of citations from a variety of respected sources, a submitted paper will also use the Bible as its primary source of authority.  An average of three to four appropriately applied external refereed citations per double-spaced page is a reasonable guideline to measure minimum research scholarship.  Manuscripts that do not include research will not be published.  Frequent use of Biblical citations is also expected. 

Papers that utilize the subjects and methods consistent with the field of Biblical Theology will be given preference for publication.  Refer to the journal doctrinal statement.

Format and Content

The Journal publishes research works.  Consequently, priority will be given to works that present a well-defined hypothesis that is backed up by an organized defense using corroborating and/or contrasting opinions from other scholarly works.

Manuscripts should be submitted through the Email link below.  They must be submitted in Microsoft WORD format so that the Journal staff can edit, rearrange, and add headers and footers.

Graphics and Photographs shall be encoded in .GIF or .JPEG format. 

Click here for a Style Sheet that can be used as a template for manuscript preparation.  Limit text fonts to Times New Roman, and Arial only.  Use English transliteration with italics to represent Greek and Hebrew terms or any other special characters.  Note that this style sheet is necessary for submission in subsequent hard copy editions of the Journal. 

Submitted manuscripts will be edited by the AJBT for layout and correct grammar and spelling, but will not be edited for content.  It is the responsibility of the author to cite sources correctly.  APA, MLS, or Turabian styles of footnoting may be used and should be consistently applied throughout. 

Include the following as an attachment to your submission or as part of your Email, as it is not published:

An image of the author is also admissible and recommended.  Personal information that is included in the manuscript will be deleted prior to publication since it is always subject to change and can serve to compromise the security of the author. Only the author's email address is published, and this is only done on the website citation.

Article Publication Process

Cost to the Author

There is no up-front charge to the author for the publication of journal or book manuscripts.  A suggested donation of $100 is appreciated to help cover the costs of processing journal articles, but is not necessary and does not affect publication.  A fee of $0.50 per finished, edited and published page will be deducted from initial book royalties.

Book Publication

Submit Manuscript