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Dr. John Roskoski:  The Samson Narratives



Title. Author


19(07) The Marks of a Successful Pastor   J Adetoyese


19(06) Behaviors that Characterize a Power Play in a Small Group.   F Wantaate


19(05) Machaerus: The Fortress where John the Baptist was Beheaded.   S Sostre


19(04) Efficacy of Prayer in Modern Medicine: Finding an Integrative Science-Faith Relationship.   G Adeboye


19(03) An Application of Jesus' Leadership Style in Contemporary Christian Ministry.   S Ajayi


19(02) Influence on Human Character Formation: Environmental or Genetic?   E Jothibai, S Simon, E Raja


19(01) The Nature of the Holy Spirit, an Essay.   R. Kulesa


18(52) The Greatest Event Ever in the Sky. The Audible and Visible Gathering Together of the Saints with Jesus Christ and His Angels in the Clouds.   K.F. Kon


18(50) I'll Be As Weak As Any Other Man: The Theological Significance of Judges 16:7,11,13, & 17.   J. Roskoski


18(48) The Influence of Facebook Usage on Christians; A Review   D Okai, E. Ampomah


18(46) Toward Enhancing an Acceptable Worship   J. Adetoyese.


18(45) Hebrews 2:5-9: An Exegetical Paper   R. Evans


18(44) Taking a Stand:  A Biblical Approach to Halloween   J. Carter


18(43) Developing Young Leaders in a Dysfunctional World: An Exegetical, Leadership of First Timothy   D. Green, J. Cragin


18(42) ‘Does Paul Really Understand?’  A Reconstruction of the Life and Issues of Paul’s Corinthian Community with an Assessment of his Responsive Effectiveness.   R. Porter


18(40) Church in Health Service.   J. Adetoyese.


18(39) The Use of Jewelry: Biblical and Ellen White's Views.   O. Oladosu


18(38) Parental Roles in Child Upbringing in Light of 1 Samuel 2:12-17.   O Alao


18(36) Jesus and Unbelief: John 2 - 12   J. Skeen


18(34) The Creation Story and Assisted Suicide   K. Bryson


18(32) Is There Reward and Retribution for People? The Evolution of Biblical Thought.   I. Lipovsky


18(30) Contemporary Christian Music and the Church   O. Oladosu


18(28) An Examination of Church Proliferation in Nigeria   J. Adetoyese.


18(26) The Use of Anointing Oil in Mark 6:13 in African Context.   O Olagungu.


18(25) Self-Awareness, Evaluation and Actualization: Jesus Christ’s Example.   A Ukoma, D Simeon


18(24) Understanding 2 Corinthians 5:17-21.   J Shellenberg.


18(23) The Meaning and Function of זָכַר in Genesis.   O. Oladosu


18(22) Argument Against Ethnicity: Conflicts and Divisions in the Church in Nigeria Using the Ethical and Theological Imperatives of Ephesians 4:1-6.   J. Adeyanju, B. Bello.


18(21) Love of Money - Not as in Greed but Legitimate: A Social Scientific Study of ἀφιλάργυρος in Hebrews 13:5.   S Kissi


18(20) Evaluating the Effects of Merchandizing Ministry on Some Television Stations in 21st Century: a Study of Prohetic Ministry in Ghana.   D Okai


18(19) The Church and Homosexuality in Ghana: A Critical Biblical and Theological Review.   C. Bansah


18(18) Flight on Sabbath and the Sabbath in Matthew 24:20.   D. Razafiarivony


18(16) Was Jesus Minor to the Father?   O. Akinola


18(15) The Concept of Global Combat in the Context of Christian Theology: Combatants, Armor, and Two Human Anatomic Combat Zones.   D Okai


18(14) The Length of Samson's Judgeship:  Comparing Judges 15:20 and 16:31.   J. Roskoski


18(12) The Implication of Amos' Prophecies for Social, Moral, and Religious Injustice in Nigeria   O Alao


18(10) Legalization of LGBT in the Nations: Ghana Is At the Crossroads of Choice.   D Okai


18(08) Beliefs: The Formation and Use of Sources and Norms.   J. Schellenberg


18(06) Readings Related to a Case Study on Spiritual Facilitation Within a Catholic Aged Care Organisation in South Australia.    R. Porter


18(04) What Now?  Administering a Post-Apostolic Church.    D.  Pitts


18(02) Women in Leadership:  a Critical View at Timothy 2:9-15.    T. Tonkin


17(50) Readings Related to the Pastoral Care Experiences of Residents in South Australian Aged Care Facilities.    R. Porter


17(48) Is the Woman of Revelation 17 the Same Woman of Revelation 12?    D. Razafiarivoni


17(46) Samson and the Danite Migration:  Reconciling Judges 13:25 and 18:12.    J. Roskoski


17(44) Dating Christ's Crucifixion       P. Ramsundar


17(42) Altruistic Leadership in the Book of Daniel     R. Ball 


17(40) The Progressive Announcement of Salvaition in Luke:  Revealing a Shift in Redemptive History     Y. King 


17(38) Church Workers: Agents of Church Growth.   D. Akintola 


17(37) 1 Peter 1:1-12.  An Affirmation of Hope  J. Carter.  


17(36) When Divorce Could Be a Child of Necessity: A Moral Argument for Situational Divorce  S. Ajayi.  


17(35) The Problem of Prosperity Preaching in the Light of Matthew 26:6-13.  A Ukoma, A Naachi, O Eseni.  


17(34) Unholy Compromise.   J. Skeen


17(33) The Missiological Implications of Jael's Role in Israel-Canaan Battle for Contemporary Christian Women   D. Akintola


17(32) Thomas Traherne: A Viewpoint for Our Time   J. Skeen


17(31) The Legitimacy of Typological Interpretation of the Scriptures   P. deVries


17(30) The Emerging Church: from Mission to 'Missional'   W. Wade


17(29) An Aesthetic Analysis and Theological Reflection on Marian Art: An Interpretive Perspective   R. Porter


17(28) Extaticism in Israel: Prophetic Tradition and African Pentecostal Movement.   Olagungu, O.


17(27) Life Balance:  The Need for Blessedness in Our Lives   J. Skeen


17(26) Preparing Youths for Biblical Studies:  The Story of Hannah and Her Son, Revisited   M. Ojo, I Adesanya


17(25) The Real Absence:  An Evaluation of the Real Presence View.   M. Mascrenghe


17(24) The Stylish Tillich: Jay Bakker and Revolution Church.   P. Degoes


17(23) Learning from Renaissance Education.   J. Skeen


17(22) Education, Literacy, and Illiteracy in Ancient Near Eastern Culture.   O. Oladosu


17(21) A Response to Esther Fuchs, An Evangelical Appraisal of her article, "Marginalization, Ambiguity, Silencing:  the Story of Jephthah's Daughter.   M. Mascrenghe


17(20) Lexico-Symantic Analysis of Bachar in the Light of Salvific Grace.  O. Oladejo, O. Bamidele


17(19) Who is God at the Heart of Suffering?  An Explanation of Suffering as Caused by Natural and Moral Evil.  S. Ventureyra


17(18) Humility: Philippians 2:1-11.  J. Skeen


17(17) Isaac and Sampson: Sons of the Promise.  J. Roskoski


17(16) The Origins, Devlopments, and Contemporary Significances of Early Christian Art  S. Ventureyra


17(15) Fraud and Economic Dishonesty: A Curse on Our Society  J. Skeen


17(14) Exegesis of Deuteronomy 17:11 in Light of Christian Worship in Contemporary Nigeria.  Olagungu, O.


17(13) Is Speaking in Tongues Real Today?  An African Christian Perspective  C.  Bansah


17(12) A Critique of Open Theists' Solution to Divine Foreknowledge: Freewill Dilemma in Light of Augustinian Freewill Theory.  G. Adeboye


17(11) The Effect of Ebola Virus on Christian Missions and its Way Out.  D. Akintola


17(10) The Sign of the Cross; How it is Made, its Origins, Development, and its Uses.  S. Ventureyra


17(09) The Use of the Old Testament in the Book of Revelation  O. Oladosu


17(08) Bible Translation Policy  D. Pitts


17(07) An Evaluation of Feminist Theology  F. Adebayo


17(06) Readings Related to Best Practice for End-of-Life Spiritual Care in South Australian Catholic Aged Care Facilities.  R. Porter


17(05) Premillennialism within Eschatology  J. Wright


17(04) Life on Earth: Created by God or Chance? A Biblical and Scientific Apologetic.  E. Jothibai


17(03) The Liturgical Spirutality of Dom Virgul Michel.  S. Ventureyra


17(02) The Eucharist in Luke 22:14-21 and the Kolanut Among the Ukwuani People: A Comparative Study  C. Ossai-Ugbah.


16(52) A New Way Salt May Metaphorically Serve as an Example of Natural Revelation in the Bible.  C. Pinkham


16(51) Cessation of Pneumatic Elements in the Contemporary Church.  A. Ukoma


16(50) A Simple Exegesis on the Faith in James' Eye Glasses.  H. Crogman, M. Jackson


16(49) Ellen Gould White Early Challenges: a Lesson for Contemporary Christians.  C. Alu


16(47) Theological Interpretation of "The Writing on the Wall" in Daniel 5:25-28.  C. Alu


16(46) Exegesis of Leviticus 17:11 in Light of Christian Worship in Contemporary Nigeria  Olagungu, O.


16(45) The Role of Nigerian Pastors in Empowering Church Members.  P. Awojobi


16(44) Planetary Realignments at the Time of Noah's Flood and its Effect on the Lifespan of Man.  P. Ramsundar


16(43) Science and Spiritual Christianity:  The Relationship Between Christian Spirituality and Biological Evolution  S. Ventureyra


16(42) Conflicts in Nigeria:  Christian Contributions to Peace-Making  P. Oyeleye


16(41) Re-examining the Theological Functions of "Seek the Lord" in Zephaniah 2:1-3 ...  M. Udoekpo


16(40) The Challenges of Christians' Participation in Politics.  J. Adetoyese


16(39) Dembski's Theodicy in Dialogue with Domning and Helwig's Original Selfishness...: A Critial Review.  S. Ventureyra


16(38) The Second Coming of Christ, an Alternative View.  K.F. Kon


16(36) Warranted Skepticism? Putting the Center for Inquiry's Rationale to the Test.  S. Ventureyra


16(34) The Priesthood of the Believer in Baptist Ecclesiology.  J. McLendon


16(32) Augustine as an Apologist:  Is Confessions Apologetic in Nature?.  S. Ventureyra


16(30) The Compulsion of the Spirit in the Farewell Speech of Paul to the Ephesian Leaders in Acts 20:17-38.  C. Hull


16(28) An Analysis of St. Anselm's De Casu Diaboli in Light of the Evolution of Thought on the Conceptualization of Satan and Demons Throughout History.  S. Ventureyra


16(26) Towards a Genre Based New Testament Theology.  Mascrenghe, M.


16(24) Women in the Book of Proverbs: Woman of Wisdom vs. Woman of Folly.  S. Ventureyra


16(22) Joshus:  A Leader with a Biblical Perspective.  T. Tonkin


16(20) A Case Study on Spiritual Facilitation within a Catholic Aged Care Organisation In Southern Australia.  R. Porter


16(18) The Relevance of Pauline Theology of Charismata and Sumpheron in 1 Corinthians 12:1-7 to Christian Ecumenism in Nigeria.  G. Adeboye


16(16) The Son of Man in 1 Enoch and its Implications for the Christology of the Synoptic Gospels.  K. Quinn


16(14) The Gagging of the Church: Evangelism Without the Evangel.  W. Wade


16(12) A Look at the Background of the Exemptive Clause in Divorce and Remarriage Saying (Matt.19:9)   D. Razafiarivony.


16(10) Conflict Between Christians and Muslims with Reference to Northern Nigeria  P. Awojobi.


16(09) Resolving Difficulties in the Translation of Luke 24:34.  P. Ramsundar.


16(08) Reduction in the Apocalyptic Focus of the Church in Africa.  O. Ayo-Obiremi


16(07) Samson and the Gazite Harlot: The Significance of Judges 16:1-3.  J. Roskoski


16(06) The Importance of Judges 15:3-5 in the Sampson Narratives.  J. Roskoski


16(04) Catechetical and Religious Education for Faith with Families and Children.   R. Porter


16(02) Paul's Concept of Law and Grace and its Relevance for the Church Today.   Olagungu, O.


15(52) Logic Behind the Covenant with Abraham.   Song, D.


15(50) The Image, The Woman and Dominion   Mascrenghe, M.


15(48) The Present State of African Religion   Adetoyese, J.


15(46) Apostacy in Hebrews 6:4-6.   Green, T.


15(44) The Theology of Peace and War in the Old Testament    Adeboye, G.


15(42) The Meaning of חָפַ֖צְ תּ in Jonah 1:14    J. Jupp


15(40) From this Day Forward All Generations Will Call Me Blessed    J. Roskoski


15(38) Torah as Foundation of Education    M. Olajide


15(36) Habakkuk's Faith and God's Sovereignty: a Paradigm for the Suffering Righteous Today    M. Udoekpo


15(34) An In Situ Appreciation of Paul's Old Testament Corinth    R. Porter


15(32) Machiavelli v. St. Augustine, a Tale of Two Cities: ... the City of Man and the City of God.    M. Amugen


15(30) From Repentance to Lifestyle: Replacing Crisis Conversion with Relational Journey.    W. Wade


15(28) The Re-Dating of Nehemiah  D. Pitts


15(26) Torah as Foundation of Education  G. Olajide


15(24) A Moral and Relational Interpretation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son   W. Winters, S. Matthews,


15(22) Leadership Conflict in the Nigerian Church   P. Awojobi


15(20) No Problem?  Addressing Apparent Conflicts in the Biblical Narrative   D. Pitts


15(18) The Lions of Judah  J. Roskoski


15(16) Paul and the Foolish Galatians: an Exegetical Analysis of Galatians 3:1-14.  M. Olajide


15(14) Missions in Malachi: The Holistic Purpose of God for His Priests, People, and Other Nations  S. Baba


15(12) False Believers in the Letter to the Hebrews  J.  Pak


15(10) A Reflection and Analysis on the 'Creation of Adam' Sistine Chapel Fresco  R. Porter


15(08) The Theological Significance of Judges 13:1  J. Roskoski


15(06) Jonah's Tomato Surprise: a Literary Reading of God's Unchanging Mind  A. Holdier


15(04) Giovanni Francesco Bernadone: a "Proto-Protestant" Reformer   P. Klein


15(02) Teaching Toward Biblical Cultural Literacy   H. Corcoran


14(52) The Conscience, According to Paul   S Hakh


14(50) Sodomy Stories and Sodomy Laws: What Was the Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah?   P Rezkalla


14(48) Mary's Charisma. Biblical Fulfillment, Role Ordained   J Roskoski


14(46) Apostolic Knowledge Creation:  a Sacred Texture Analysis of the Apostle John's Third Epistle   D. Burkus


14(44) Missions in Malachi:  The Wholistic Purpose of God for His Priests, People, and Other Nations   S. Baba


14(42) The Concept of Parousia in the New Testament: It's Implication for the 21st-Century Church   O. Olugunju


14(40) Growth and Stability in the Midst of Adversity:  Lessons from the Early Christian Church   P. Okantey


14(38) Divine Agency and Human Suffering   K. Bryson
09/08/13 14(36) Paradoxes of the Problem of Evil Through Existentialism, Secular Humanism, and Pantheism as Compared with Christian Theism   H, Teh
08/25/13 14(34) Philippians 2:5-11.  Christian Identity of Moral Wisdom, Paradoxical Servitude and Resonating Kenosis.   J. Leontaris
08/11/13 14(32) Is the Song of Songs a Secular Love Poem and/or a Theological Allegory?   R. Porter
07/28/13 14(30) Postmodern Popular Philosophy and the Caricature of Expository Preaching: A Response to Wade.   S. Mathews
07/14/13 14(28) The Relevance of Historical-Critical Method of Biblical Interpretation for the Church in Africa.   O Olagunju
06/30/30 14(26) Superficial Faith and Self-Desception.   J Pak
06/16/13 14(24) The Davidic Theology of Samson's Charisma.   J Roskoski
06/02/13 14(22) Jesus, the Originator of Servant Leadership: A Narrative Texture Analysis of John 13:1-17.   P. Okantey
05/19/13 14(20) Evangelism in a Post-Modern Age: Bridging the Evangelical/Emerging Church Tension.   W. Wade
05/05/13 14(18) The Targumim as Background of the Prologue of the Gospel According to John.   P. deVries
04/21/13 14(16) Kyrios in the Fourth Gospel and its Implications for African/Asian Eccesiology   E. Oyemomi
04/07/13 14(14) Teaching Biblical Narrative Analysis to College Students and Other Adult Learners.   H. Corcoran
03/24/13 14(12) The Effect of Usury on the Well-Being of Mankind.   M. Amugen
03/10/13 14(10) The Use of the Old Testament in 1 Corinthians 15:44-49.   J. Latham
02/24/13 14(08) Leadership, Character, and the Early Church:  A Social and Cultural Texture Analysis of 1 Timothy 3:1-7.   D. Burkus
02/10/13 14(06) The False Doctrine of "Secular" Work   D, Shankle
01/28/13 14(04) The Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John   S. Mathews
01/13/13 14(02) God's Time Management Plan: An Exegetical View of Revelation 19.   T. Tonkin
12/30/12 13(54) Fellowship and Followership: Maintaining Creative Tension in Ghana's Christian Leadership.   E. Anum
12/16/12 13(52) A Cry for Freedom:  the African Women's Quest in the Light of the Bible.   P. White
12/02/12 13(50) The Apostle John's Spiritual Foresight: Interpretation Through the Exegesis of Revelation.   D. Green
11/18/12 13(48) How the Role of Cyrus in Second Isaiah Relates to Israel's Developing Understanding of God   R. Porter
11/04/12 13(46) A Biblical Theology of Salvation (or Yeshuw'ah) from Genesis to Psalms   Y. King
10/21/12 13(44) Imagery in the Passion of the Messiah   J. Carter
10/07/12 13(42) Strategy & Revelation: How the Apostle John's Revelation Conforms to Models of Foresight.   D. Burkus
09/25/12 13(40) The Storm Theophany: A Theology of the Storm.   J. Roskoski
09/09/12 13(38) An Understanding of the Sermon of the Mount for African Ecclesiology.   E. Oyemomi
08/26/12 13(36) Women in Leadership, Examined in 1 Corinthians  P. Stitt
08/12/12 13(34) What Should I Call You?  Addressing the Presbyter  R. Evans
07/29/12 13(32) Causes for the Upsurge in Imprecatory Prayer in Contemporary African Christian Churches  P. White
07/15/12 13(30) Repentance:  Attitude or Action?  J. Carter
07/01/12 13(28) Is There a Centre or Common Structure for New Testament Theology?  O. Olagunju
06/24/12 13(26) Theosophy: a Historical Analysis and Refutation  J. Skeen
06/10/12 13(24) Jesus as Agent of Change and Guiding.  Holloway, J.
05/27/12 13(22) The Distinctive and Salvific Nature of Animal Sacrifice in Judaism.   P. Rezkalla
05/12/12 13(20) Organizational Design and the Early Church: a Social and Cultural Texture Analysis of Acts.   D. Burkus
04/29/12 13(18) Apostolic Preaching in a Post-Modern Context: A Plea for the Death of the Expository Sermon.   W. Wade
04/15/12 13(16) From Law to Grace:  An Interpretation of Paul's Gospel in Romans 1 - 8.   P. White
04/01/12 13(14) "Seven Green Withs that were Never Dried":  Judges 16:7.  Cecil B. DeMille's Rendition...Valid, Authentic, Artistic?   A. Kozlovic
03/25/12 13(13) Fundamentals of Integral Ethics:  Religious and Secular Views.   S. Rivas.
03/18/12 13(12) Searching for David.   M. Chen
03/11/12 13(11) Church Growth Through Effective and Qualitative Christian Worship.   E. Oyemomi
03/04/12 13(10) The Sabbath Commandment: A Social-Cultural Analysis of Deuteronomy 5:12-15.   D. Burkus
02/26/12 13(09) Easter as an Ecumenical Conundrum   M. Straus
02/19/12 13(08) Incarnational Christology in the Johannine Gospel: Implications for African Christianity   O. Olagunju
02/12/12 13(07) What Did Huldrych Zwingli Achieve for the Swiss Reformation?   R. Porter
02/06/12 13(06) A Biblical Approach and Response to Poverty.   P. Adewunmiju
01/29/12 13(05) The Subjects of Baptism:  A History of Controversy.   J. Carter
01/22/12 13(04) Sins of the Sons of God: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?   K. Jentoft
01/08/12 13(02) Developing a Theology for Worship Today: A Case Study of Leviticus 17:11   P. White
12/18/11 12(51) Encouragement in Foresight:  An Idealogical Texture Analysis...   T. Vanderpyl
12/04/11 12(49) Psalm One:  The Source of Happiness   J. Taylor
11/20/11 12(47) A Historical Reconstruction of the Situation in Ephesus in Relation to Women   P. Stitt
11/06/11 12(45) The Pauline Strategy:  An Ideological Texture Analysis of the Apostle Paul's Ministry   D. Burkus
10/23/11 12(43) The Doctrine of Election as it Relates to Salvation - Implications of God's Omnitemporal Nature.  R.E. Cross
10/09/11 12(41) Eternal Destiny  J. Skeen
09/25/11 12(39) Exegesis of 1 Corinthians 12:1-11  O. Olagunju
09/11/11 12(37) Beginning at the End: Strategic Implications of the Farewell Discourse of Matthew 28.  T. Vanderpyl
08/28/11 12(35) A Call to Harms: Is Church Discipline for Today?  J. Taggart
08/14/11 12(33) At the Sources of Biblical History.  I. Lipovsky
07/31/11 12(31) Provenance of the Gospel of St. Matthew.  O. Olagunju
07/17/11 12(29) New Testament Concepts of Forgiveness in the Gospels... Dangme Translation and Usage .  E. Anum
07/03/11 12(27) Strategic Leadership and the Great Commission... Matthew 28:1-20.  D. Burkus.
06/19/11 12(25) The Origins of Adonai in the Hebrew Scriptures  R. Manetti.
06/05/11 12(23) The Johannine Creation Account  S. Bedard.
05/22/11 12(21) And They Were Sore Afraid:  An Analysis of Angelophanic Fear.  R. Capet
05/15/11 12(20) Shining the Light of Faith and Philosophy on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  K. Bryson
05/01/11 12(18) A Reconciliation of Jesus Christ's Divinity and His Begottenness by the Father .  R. Cross
04/17/11 12(16) The Unity of the Church and the Kiss as its Biblical Expression.  S. Hunter
04/03/11 12(14) A Theology of Missional Preaching.  K. Schafer
02/06/11 12(06) Exposition of 1 Corinithians 13:4-8a.  P. Hau
12/19/10 11(43) The Leadership of an Empowering Savior: An Intertexture Analysis of Matthew 16:13-20.  D. Burkus
12/05/10 11(41) Temple Ecclesiology in Corinthians:  I Will Dwell In Them.  M. Ruszala
09/11/10 11(28) The Interwoven Relationship of Religion, Theology, & Ethics with Secular Knowledge.  S. Rivas.
08/22/10 11(26) An Intertecture Analysis of the Healing of the Leper in Matthew 8:1-4  T. Vanderpyl
08/15/10 11(24) A Christological Reading of the Shepherd Motif for Pastoral Theology ... Ezekiel 34.  B. Rodgers
08/01/10 11(22) Principles of the Heart: Growth of New Life in Us.  J. Skeen
07/18/10 11(20) The Original Transformational Leader: An Inner Texture Analysis of Mark 1:16-20.  D. Burkus
07/04/10 11(18) Jesus Came Healing and Curing  K Bryson
06/13/10 11(15) Samson's Death Account and the Ancient Theology of Territorial Dominion  J Roskoski
05/30/10 11(13) A Study of Prayer in the Gospel of Luke  T. Green
05/01/10 11(09) Theology of Adoption: The Father Heart of God  D. Winters
02/07/09 10(50) An Ecclesiology of Escapism:  An Examination of the Rapture in the Book of Revelation  J. Kennedy.
01/17/09 10(48) The State of Human Existence and its Religious, Theological, Philosophical, and Ethical Answers.  S. Rivas.
01/03/09 10(46) Mightier than the Voice of the Deity?  A Poem.  Mary Kennan Herbert.
12/20/09 10(44) Neurotically Searching for Symbols of the Deity.  A Poem.  Mary Kennan Herbert.
11/22/09 10(40) A Theology and Philosophy of Christian Education  D. Bamaly.
11/08/09 10(37) The Pre-Existence of Christ  D. Bradley.
09/13/09 10(28) The Apostle John's Spiritual Foresight ...  D. Green.
08/30/09 10(25) Where Did the Ancient Semites Come From?   I. Lipovsky.
04/05/09 10(06) Baptism:  The Kingdom and the Church M. Weremchuk.
03/22/09 10(04) Mutual Submission in the Marriage Union J. Carter.
03/08/09 10(02) The Trials of Christ: The Silent Defense J. Walker.
02/22/09 9(52) Dating Christ's Crucifixion  P. Ramsundar
02/08/09 9(50) God's Special Presence in Worship  J. Carter.
01/25/09 9(48) Silence and Hebrew Meditation  K. Bryson.
01/11/09 9(46) Misunderstanding Jesus: Did the Disciples Misunderstand Jesus' Message and Mission?    J. Kennedy.
12/28/08 9(44) Transformation & Victory: The Resurrection Message of 1 Corinthians 15.  S. Bedard.
12/07/08 9(42) The Legitimacy of the use of Old Testament Pagan Saints as an Argument for Inclusivism.  A. Stewart.
11/23/08 9(40) The Exegetical Meaning of Dei in the Gospel According to Saint Luke.  C. Ossai-Ugbah.
11/09/08 9(38) The Concept of Atoning Death in the New Testament.  T. Costa.
10/26/08 9(36) Luther and the Form Critics:  Touching the Tears of Moses.  A. Glynn.
10/12/08 9(34) The Archeological Site of Qumran and the Personality of Roland DeVaux  S. Trstensky.
09/28/08 9(32) The Kingdom of God is Within You  R. Marcin.
09/14/08 9(30) Interpretation Through the Exegesis of Acts 1 and 2  D. Green.
08/31/08 9(28) Paul's Westward Mission in Acts and the Epistles  T. Costa.
11/04/07 8(38) The Who, Whom, and When of Luke-Acts  R. Martinez.
10/14/07 8(36) Exegetical Study of Matthew 19:16-26  M. Earnhart.
09/30/07 8(34) Divine Empowerment: Interpretation Through the Exegesis of Acts 2  D. Green.
09/16/07 8(32) Elijah - The Proto-Apocalyptic Prophet  S. Bedard.
09/02/07 8(30) "I Will Love Them Freely": A Metaphorical Theology of Hosea 14  G. Schaab.
08/26/07 8(28) Was Adoptionism the Earliest Christology? A Response to Bart Ehrman  T. Costa.
08/12/07 8(26) Genesis 6:3 and Paul's Epistle to the Romans  K. Jentoft
07/15/07 8(22) A Philosophical Evangelical Apologetic for Contemporary Postmodernism  F.D. Chance
07/01/07 8(20) Jesus' Leadership Interpretation Through the Exegesis of Mark 10:17-22  D. Green
06/14/07 8(18) The Hermeneutical Key to the Book of Revelation  C. Campbell
06/03/07 8(14) An Introduction to the Interpretation of Apocalyptic Literature  J. Carter.
05/20/07 8(12) Doing Theology in a Pluralistic Context  J. Raja
05/06/07 8(10) The Healing of the Hemorrhaging Woman: Miracle or Magic?  D.H. Bromley
04/29/07 8(08) Phenomenology and the Synoptics: What About Mark?  L. Sherfey
04/15/07 8(06) The Cleansing of the Temple  R. Martinez.
10/15/06 7(31) Principles and Patterns for Faithful Exegetical Transition  C. Ossai-Ugbah.
10/01/06 7(29) An HC Evaluation of Aquinas' Argument For the Existence of God  F.D. Chance
09/24/06 7(28) Detailed Inerrancy and the Gospel Accounts of Peter's Denials  E.K.P. Chong
09/17/06 7(27) The Historical - Critical Method  R. Martinez.
12/27/03 4(45) A Perspective on the Distinctiveness of Marks's Gospel.  J. Carter.
12/21/03 4(44) Neotheism and Evil:  Difficulties with the Problem of Evil.  M. Calvert.
09/21/03 4(31) Principles of the Heart:  Creationary or Evolutionary?  J. Skeen.
08/24/03 4(27) On Jesus' Eschatological IgnoranceE.K.P. Chong.
07/27/03 4(23) A Semiotic Analysis of the "New Jerusalem" in the Book of Revelation M. Locker.
06/15/03 4(17) Twice Saved:  The Pattern of Adoption in Salvation.  J. Carter.
02/02/03 3(49) Bronze Age Veracity.  N. Soggie.
01/26/03 3(48) Functional Christology in the Fourth Gospel.  G. Folarin.
12/15/02 3(42) The Authenticity and Proof of Divine Revelation.  K. Rhodes.
11/24/02 3(39) The Radical Ethics of Jesus.  S. Giannet.
11/17/02 3(38) The Historical Reliability of the New Testament.  R. Martinez.
11/10/02 3(37) Gender in Judeo-Christian Tradition. R. Yen.
10/20/02 3(34) The Mythological Christology of Rudolf Bultmann.  J. Carter.
09/22/02 3(30) Mark's Transformation of John's Gnostic Feet. M. Locker.
08/25/02 3(26) The Joseph Novella.  S. Giannet.
06/30/02 3(18) Counseling Troubled Youth:  The Parent's Task of Relinquishment.  A. Carter.
06/02/02 3(14) The Conversion of the Ethiopian. R. Perkins.
04/21/02 3(08) The Early Life and Background of Paul, the Apostle. Q. Wallace.
03/10/02 3(02) The Canon of the New Testament. R. Martinez.
02/10/02 2(50) New Abridged Evidence for the Real Site of the Temple of Jerusalem E. Martin.
11/03/01 2(36) Perseverance:  An Act of Man or an Act of God?  J. Carter.
07/21/01 2(21) The Doctrine of Preaching in the New Testament. S. Davis.
06/09/01 2(15) Establishing a Theological Paradigm in a Post-Modern Society.  J. Carter.
05/05/01 2(10) Faith, Works, and the Apparent Controversy of Paul and James.  J. Carter.
03/03/01 2(01) The Epistemological Impact of an Omnitemporal Eternity on Theological Paradigms.  J. Carter.

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